Monday, 18 June 2018

Why Dry Cleaning Protects Your Clothes Better Than Wet Cleaning?

Dry cleaning and laundry are the two different processes designed for cleansing your clothes. While wet cleaning is a traditional water-based cleansing process, dry clean method uses no water for cleaning your clothes. Even though this process doesn’t use water, it is a much more comprehensive process. It is as effective, if not more, as the wet cleaning method. Both the cleansing processes solve your purpose but dry clean method is much better for your clothes than conventional laundering, especially if it is a delicate fabric. If you are staying in a region where the climate is very hot and always humid, then dry cleaning can be the best solution to protect your clothes from excessive moisture.

What Is The Process of Dry Cleaning?

Though it may sound modern, but this cleaning process is a very ancient practice. This cleaning method is a popular practice which uses some of the special cleaning agents. It also uses a very unique method for cleaning the clothes without damaging the fabric or anything. Though water is not the main agent in this process for cleansing, it uses some liquid mixture for removing the stains and soil from the clothes. There is a specific machine for this process just like the normal traditional wet cleaning.

But in this case, the machine rotates very gently when it starts. While rotating, a steady stream of solvent is released into the machine to ensure proper cleansing of your clothes. After cleansing process, the dirty solvent gets drained out of the system for constant cleaning of the clothes. Following this solvent method, the next process starts by circulating the clothes rapidly to remove all the solvent. When everything is done, warm air is circulated into the machine to dry the clothes.

Advantages Of Dry Cleaning

Undoubtedly, dry cleaning is the best cleaning process for any clothes with delicate work and fabric. Because this process doesn’t require water and also it is a much gentler process, it comes with several advantages. Here are some of the advantages of this process that makes it better than the wet cleaning:

Soft & Gentle Process

Compared to the wet cleaning process, this dry clean method is much softer and gentler in nature. It is considered to be the best process for protecting your clothes from tears and wears. It gentle rotates the clothes in your drum which is much milder process than the abrasive washing machine process. It also uses limited amount of solvent and water which is very gentle on your garments while cleaning. So, this process is perfect for any clothes that has minute and delicate embellishments or thread works which need extra carefulness while cleaning.

Preserve The Texture Of Clothing

Along with soft and gentle cleansing process, this method of cleaning is also best for preserving and maintaining the new appearance of your clothes. This washing process does not cause shrinking of the delicate fabrics. Also, unlike conventional washing, this method doesn’t clean the clothes abrasively. Hence the fabric doesn’t go through tears and wears. Thus, it preserves the original texture and color of the fabric which is a huge advantage.

Deep Cleansing

Though abrasive methods are not used along with lots of water, dry cleaning can effectively deep cleanse your clothes. This process has the ability to remove tough stains and dirt on your clothes. This cleaning process has a very unique method of dissolving the grease and oil in your garments which is pretty hard to do with conventional wet washing. This cleaning process can restore your clothes removing all the dirt and stains.

Best For Allergic People

The dry clean process uses a solution which can effectively kill the dust mites and other harmful allergens on your clothes. Thus, it can improve the conditions of the people who are the victims of asthma and allergy. Thus, clothes and other articles are protected from the dust mites and germs causing allergies and asthma. It is not possible for the conventional cleaning methods like laundry cleaning.

Perfect For Large Clothing

Gowns and capes are not easy to clean in your house using the conventional method. Of course, it can only damage the soft and delicate fabric, but you will not be able to handle the large items while cleaning. So, the best solution for that is dry cleaning. Expertise can handle such delicate large items with extreme care.

Choose A Professional Dry Cleaner

In the fast-paced world, it is hard for the people to do their laundry every day. Especially, when it comes to cleaning precious and delicate clothes, you cannot afford to be careless and do things in haste. Wet cleaning can totally damage the texture, color and designs of the clothes. Thus, it is best to opt for a professional dry cleaner where you can just drop your clothes and makes sure they are cleaned properly. Choosing a professional service is important as expertise and experience play a vital role in this process. All the clothes need to be handled very gently and carefully to ensure that everything is in right condition. Thus, make sure to do proper research before you finally a hire a dry cleaner for your clothes. Of course, a great professional service can save a lot of time for you and also helps you to keep your clothes clean and perfect.


The process of dry cleaning can help you to protect your clothes from the tears and wears, naturally seen in the conventional wet cleaning. It is now quite clear to you how and why this process is the best option for your clothes. It keeps the fabric and design of your clothes intact by removing all the dusts, dirt and stains effectively from your clothes. Being in a humid climatic region, drying after wet cleaning can be a difficult task. But dry cleaning is a process where the clothes are dried by a simple yet effective mechanism ensuring the fabric and texture remain intact. Thus, if you want to keep your clothes protected from tears and wears, then choose the best professional dry cleaner to get the job done.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Tips for Doing Laundry the Easy Breezy Way

Even if you have the luxury of an automatic washing machine, doing the laundry is still a terrible chore. Not only is it never ending, especially if you have young kids who seem to take pleasure from dirtying as many clothes as they possibly can - stains are particularly fun, it looks - but there are so many do's and don'ts involved that it ends up being practically as daunting as scrubbing away in the bathtub.

Then, of course, there's the dread of possibly getting it wrong which means you'll either be harming your clothes and making them look older sooner, damaging them so severely that you'll have to throw them away or have to wash them ALL... OVER... AGAIN.

However, there are ways of taking the pressure off and making sure that what you throw in comes out in one piece and adequately clean the first time, so read on to learn three laundry cleaning tips and tricks that will turn laundry day into a good day. Well, almost.

Prepare the clothes to be washed.
One of the smallest, almost trivial things that make doing the washing longer than it must be is lack of preparation. Many of us lack preparation in almost anything we do-from doing research to making dinner to doing it laundry. A small amount of preparation time can pay off in the long run.

Individual the clothes to be hand washed from those to be machine cleaned. Then, if necessary, independent colored clothes from the white ones. This ought not to take too much effort and it helps a great package by the time you're doing the laundry as you won't conclude missing any clothes, and you won't have to spend time bleaching your whites later because a red sock colored them pink.

Keep colors looking new

You can easily keep colored fabrics looking brighter for longer by just remembering to turn garments inside out - especially very dark garments and jeans. (Tablecloths tend to make this tricky so only where possible, of course.) You also need to make sure always to select the coldest and shortest wash cycle necessary to do the job. Another neat trick is to add a small teaspoon of salt to every bundle by just sprinkling it onto the clothing in the barrel before turning the washing machine on.

Prevent unnecessary damage
To make sure your clothes and other laundry items get damaged as little as possible it is essential to prepare your laundry the right way. It might seem like a hassle but just merely zipping up zippers, removing buckles and closing Velcro strips, snaps and hooks could prevent tears and abrasions. It is, however, better not to close buttons since the forces exerted on the garments while spinning in the machine can tear or stretch the buttonholes.

Get it clean the first time
Having to rewash items is not only frustrating but also a massive waste of water, electricity, washing powder and time. Therefore, to make sure that they come out of the wash completely clean the first time, it is worth the effort of emptying pockets and turning them inside out, rolling down cuffs and unfurling socks before placing the items in the barrel of the washing machine. Also, make sure to check for stains because it is infinitely easier to treat them before they've had a chance to set in the wash.

Laundry Cleaning Products
Quality laundry cleaning products help to efficiently get rid of soil and stain. These products come in different forms including detergent powders, fabric softeners, detergent cakes, sprays, sticks and gels-for different fabric cleaning applications.

Detergent Powders for Effective Cleaning
Detergents play a significant role in washing away mild stains from your clothes. Most of them are made of optical brighteners, anionic and non-anionic surfactants, a quick dissolving formula for use in all water temperatures and much more for useful cleaning results. A large number of detergent powders have soap content in their mixture of ingredients.

One of the prime benefits of using detergents is that they are easy to use and can effectively remove grease, oil, dust and dirt from the fabrics. Some are made incredibly safe for human hands and are highly effective for delicate fabrics.

Stain Removers and Fabric Softeners
At times, it is tough to remove specific tough stains from the clothes, even with detergents. Different types of stain removers are now widely available in the market; most of these are specially made to remove the toughest stains from the fabrics. Toxic chemicals are used in these highly concentrated solutions that pierce through the grease and remove it conveniently. They are capable of removing the smallest to the toughest surface stains from your clothes.

Sometimes strong laundry cleaning products like detergents or stain removers may make your clothes rough and worn out. To avoid this, you can choose fabric softeners that provide superior color retention, softness and stain protection for your clothes.

Retailers for Quality Laundry Cleaning Products
Laundry cleaning products are not limited to detergents and stain removers. Many types of conditioning agents, dry-cleaning products, dryer sheets, heavy duty liquids and stain treater wipes for various laundry cleaning applications also fall into this category. Today, these products are widely available with many dealers and retailers

Utilize the right amount of detergent.
Use the right amount of detergent. Not enough detergent is a waste material of water, too much a waste of cleaning agent and clothes if you're unfortunate. Mixing too much soap into the water will damage the fabric and your shirt or shirt will never be the same again. Typically the tag on the material should give you an idea of how much soap you can use. If that doesn't work, you can also label the detergent's product instruction, usually on the packaging. Patience is well rewarded, my friend.

With these few laundry tips, it is possible to remove most of the trauma that comes with laundry day. So chin up, hold forth and show those dirty, dirty clothes who's boss.

Friday, 26 January 2018

Laundry Cleaning Tips You Should Know

The quality of clothes and other textiles that you have within your home or office space give you the status and reputation that you need. This means that if they are of good quality, your general image to the world improves. The quality of these materials depends on the method of laundry cleaning that you use.

Laundry cleaning may not be easy depending of how dirty the materials may be. This is made even worse if you do not have the required skills to do this work. You may end up destroying the fabrics of your linen, end up with stained clothes even after spending a lot of time and energy and where you are using a washing machine to do your laundry, you may causing accidents. It is with such concerns in mind that you need to have some laundry cleaning tips that will ensure you are able to do this work effectively.

Do you want to do your laundry cleaning and you do not have the effective tips on how to do it? If yes, then this article will be very helpful to you :

Understand the type of fabric you are dealing with.
Do not just do your laundry cleaning before you analyse the material used to make the clothes and other linens that you want to clean. Different materials are supposed to be handled differently. Understanding them will ensure you are able to choose the right detergent to use for your laundry cleaning. It will also assist you in knowing whether you can dry clean the materials or use the conventional cleaning methods. For instance, clothes made of lacy materials may be weak and should be hand-washed.

Since you do not want to compromise the quality of your clothes, you should take you time and understand your clothes so that you are able to do your laundry cleaning effectively.

Use an effective detergent.

There are many companies that manufacture detergents used for laundry cleaning. However, not all of them can guarantee you clean clothes. While some may be too weak to remove the stains in your textiles, others may be too strong and may end up destroying the material used to make your clothes. Where you are not sure which detergent is right, it is important to consult a trusted manufacturer. This means that you should avoid using detergents from manufacturers who have not been proven to provide quality detergents which are friendly to the environment. This means that you should only purchase detergents that have been approved by the relevant authorities in Singapore.

In extreme cases, test the detergent first to ascertain that it does not have negative effects on your laundry. Read the instructions written on labels of these detergents so as to know how to use them in order to obtain the best results.

A professional should inspect your washing machine.

The washing machine you are using must be in the right condition to ensure that you do your laundry cleaning effectively. A dirty washing machine, for example, will leave your clothes with stains or with an unpleasant odor. Your machine should only be inspected by a professional that is certified.
This inspection will also ensure you are able to avoid accidents that may arise as a result of overheating of your machine.

Properly sort you laundry.

It is important to separate your laundry into different portions depending on their color, the amount of dirt and material used to make them. This is to ensure you give the clothes different treatment depending on their special requirements. For example, if you wash white clothes together with black clothes, your white clothes may end up having black stains. This is not impressive. Clothes worn by children, for instance, are usually dirtier than those worn by adults and should, therefore, be cleaned separately from the others.

At the same time, do not be in a hurry such that you end up overloading your washing machine so as to finish cleaning fast. This prevents the clothes from turning properly in the machine leaving them with stains.

Ensure you rinse properly.

Effective laundry cleaning requires that you rinse your clothes with clean water. This is to wash off dirt from these materials. When you finally put on your clothes, they should be clean to an extent that they boost your self-confidence. This can only happen when your clothes do not have any stains or traces of dirt. Proper rinsing also removes any odor that may be in your laundry.

Properly dry your textiles.

It is improper to store your clothes when they still have traces of water. They may have an unpleasant odor after a while. To prevent this, it is important that hang the clothes to dry to a level where they can now be stored in the closet without worries.

Give direction on effective use of the machine.

There may be cases where your washing machine is handled by different people. Give them direction on how to use this machine to ensure that you get impressive laundry cleaning results. This include the need to unbutton the clothes before being put inside the machine to ensure they are not destroyed, how to handle the zips so that they do not interfere with other clothes and the various settings of the machine.

Improper handling of this machine may result in your clothes having stains even after spending time cleaning them. In some cases, there may be accidents. However, it is advisable that you handle your laundry yourself since you are able to understand them better.

Hire a professional where you do not have skills.

There may be those cases where you are not sure how to handle the fabrics that make up your laundry. In such circumstances, it is advisable to have a professional who has knowledge, skills and experience on how to handle different materials to do the work on your behalf. You can also do this if you are busy and cleaning your laundry in a hurry may only destroy their quality.


Proper laundry cleaning is of great importance to your space. It is thus important to apply these laundry cleaning tips to ensure you get the best results

Friday, 24 February 2017

Top 9 Benefits of Hiring Professional laundry Cleaning Services

With the lifestyle become busier every day in Singapore, it is becoming extremely hard to allot time to various domestic chores such laundry. Doing proper laundry is an activity that consumes time, and with the kind of life that people are leading, it is hard to allot such time. This is what has resulted in the growth of laundry cleaning service industry with tens of mushrooming companies every day. You can now pay someone to do your cloth cleaning. But do you know what methods the service provider is using to have your cloth cleaned? Is it laundry cleaning or dry cleaning?

Laundry cleaning is the best choice between the two since it is water, detergent, and softener while dry cleaning uses solvent is used without water. You must also make sure that you have hired a professional laundry cleaner to get value for your money. There are many benefits of using a professional laundry cleaning services provides as opposed to doing it yourself. Here are main benefits of using a professional laundry cleaning services:

• Professionalism
These are people who have specialized in laundry and keeping your clothes as good as new. One mistake that commits while doing the laundry ourselves is putting everything together. We don’t know how certain garments should be cleaned considering the difference in material. You will possibly see someone soaking jeans together with white shirts. With professional, they have the techniques on how to clean each and every garment. They are also aware of what process certain material should follow for the end results to be impressive. This what it means by being a professional –knowing what to do and how to do it.

• Convenience
Convenience is a critical factor to be considered in Singapore. You need someone who can offer convenience services and nothing else. One thing with laundry cleaner is that you can have a schedule when they will be doing your laundry. Maybe once in a week is enough but on a particular day and mostly time. Laundry cleaning can be very convenient if you set a workable schedule with the service provider. They will pick up and drop off the laundry at your place. You may also decide to drop your clothes and pick them up on the agreed time. They are a convenient way of having the laundry done.

• Affordability
Laundry cleaning is not that expensive. Charges per week or the agreed time is very low. You cannot compare it to doing it yourself. In fact, they make it cheap in a manner that anyone can afford their services. The amount of laundry that they will do for you and the weekly charges or the charges per laundry session is worth it. They may also include other services like free picking and delivery to make sure that you have used the minimum amount to have your cloth cleaned.

• Time saving
If you have busy working days where every minute matters, professional laundry cleaning would be the best choice for you. For you to do a proper laundry, it will be a time-consuming activity. This might be impossible if you are on a full-time job. The time that you could have used in doing laundry can be used in other productive activities other than trying to save small money. By hiring these professionals, you will be saving plenty of time and probably make more money than what you could have saved by doing the laundry by yourself.

• Extended life span for the cloth
When professionals do the job, trust me they will do it clean and smart. Have you ever realized that your clothes seem to fade with every laundry? This could be a result of poorly done laundry. If you take your laundry to an armature, then just expects such things to persist and you will soon be going to buy new clothes. With professional laundry cleaning, don't worry about your cloth being ruined. They can handle everything to make ensure that your clothes remain as good as new.

• Finishing
Do you have time and the equipment to do ironing at home? Not one can afford mostly the time in Singapore to do this. Finishing is a major benefit of laundry cleaning and the reason why many especially young people hire laundry service providers. They will give your garments a professional finishing by ensuring that it is wrinkle-free, clear rumbles and make sure that no crease is out of place. All that you need is pick the cloth and wear it. You will not need to stand over an iron board to straighten your garment.

• Cloth treatment
One of the leading causes of cloth damage is the moths. These are insects that feed directly from the garment thus destroying it. Profession laundry cleaners know this, and they ensure that your clothes are free of moths. In most cases, they will use the mothproofing chemical that treats the fabric and protect it from moth attack. The chemical is odorless. Cloth treatment is a service that you cannot get from the armature cleaners or if you decide to do it yourself.

• Stain removal
If your garments have stubborn stains, then you should consider the service of the laundry cleaners. It is not easy to remove stains such grease from the garment especially if it is bright in color. These guys have the experience, solutions, and equipment to deal with such stains very effectively. Whether it is a solvent-soluble stain or water-soluble stain, they know the best procedures to remove it without destroying the garment. Just take the laundry to them, and they will do what needs to be done.

• Saves money
Using the laundry cleaning services will save you money over time. From the many benefits that are associated with laundry services, you will realize that the frequency of buying new clothes has been reduced significantly. You will also understand that you are making a lot of money by working for the extra time that could have been used to do laundry. The money that you will have used in paying for the laundry will be less compared to running your machine at home. Try professional laundry cleaning, and you will see positive changes in your laundry.

These are only a few of the main benefits of doing laundry cleaning with a professional service provider. The benefits using professional laundry cleaners outweigh the idea of doing it yourself. You will plenty of time to do your things and mostly if you already have a working schedule with the service provider. They are very convenient, and you will get value for the money paid.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Qualities of a Good Laundry Service

Regular launderettes offer to clean your clothes. However, first-rate laundry services make sure that your items are treated in the best way possible. They consider client satisfaction as a requirement, and they use different ways to get it. Some of these are:

Proper handling of items. Laundry services with good standards operate in clean surroundings. They keep their premises free of dust, dirt or any other materials that may sully the clients' clothes. They also do not allow smoking so that the items retain its fragrance from the wash. Additionally, quality laundry service is done by trained personnel who take all the necessary steps to care for the clients' items.

Be efficient and timely. Time translates to resources, and the sooner the items are returned to the clients the better. A good launderette can perform its washing services at a minimum of three hours per visit. They do the job as soon as possible for the convenience of the client and also to get more jobs done, a mark of a serious business. Good and professional launderettes can also provide same-day collection and return services to even bulky items like rugs and carpets.

Competitive rates. All clients want services that are worth what they are paying. Some launderettes may offer services at a low price but have a shoddy output. But on the other hand, the high price may not always mean quality service. So what you would like to look for is a launderette that gives quality service at the minimum price.

Offer a variety of services. A mark of good laundry service is that they can clean not only different types of clothes but also different items. Being able to supply laundry services to various clients is an indication that a shop already has a lot of experience in the business and can accommodate whatever requests may be given to it.

Shopping for Laundry Services
Life can be fast-paced, emotionally chaotic and full of busy schedules; schedules that rotate between work and entertainment. This can leave you with little time to do yours. If you have found yourself caught up in the tight work-entertainment schedules, the next best thing to do is a source for a laundry service to handle your laundry. Some fabrics also require extended care that you may not be able to apply at home.

Sourcing for a good and reliable laundry service provider is however not easy. There are so many questions that you need to ask before you can finally hire the services of a launderer.

Some of them include:

i. Does the launderer understand the most common type of stains that may affect clothes?

ii. How many years has the laundry service provider been working?

iii.What detergents will they be using to clean your clothes?

iv. How reliable is the dry cleaner and how long will they take to clean and deliver your clothes?

These questions will help you have a clear idea of the dry cleaner you will be dealing with and how effective they can handle your work. Remember if you are staying somewhere for long, it is highly recommended that you choose a dry cleaner who you can stick with for the long term. It will save you costs and time you may spend hopping from one dry cleaning provider to the other.

It is also important to consider the charges and compare them against several other providers. Things could be cheap, but if you are not constantly doing the math to get the best bargains, you could face it on the rough. Comparing prices between several laundry service providers will give you a rough estimate of the charges to expect before you settle of one.

Other factors to consider will have to do with the frequency you will be taking your clothes to the dry cleaner. If you are working in the office, you could even decide to take your clothes to the dry cleaners only once in a week. Some materials also do not require constant washing and a wiping with special detergents could be all that you need.

With the fast-lane life, hiring a dry cleaner that can provide extensive services will be an added plus. Many providers include pick and delivery services in their menus at a little cost. This can save you a lot of time in your busy schedule.

Finally, utilize the internet as much as you can. Visit the forums where business services are being discussed. Chances are you will bump upon a stream that is discussing laundry services. It is imperative that you find as much information as you possibly can from the internet before you finally get into the field.

Making the Best of Laundry Services
All too often, we find ourselves too busy with life's daily tasks - a business to run, reports to send, people to meet and socialize with - and there just is not enough time for life's more mundane chores. Like doing the laundry, mainly the laundry. Those precious times we spend waiting for the spinner to stop seem particularly ill-used when we know we could spend it doing more important and rewarding things like playing with our kids, finishing an assignment, even taking a good rest. Good thing there's a simple solution to this problem: make use of laundry services.

We can consider the matter by looking at its costs and benefits. On the one hand, leaving the task of washing our clothes to other people, we fear that they may not take care of our items as we would have. Also, we wonder, What if they lose my things? Or, What if they don't wash it properly? These are good considerations, of course, but let's look at the facts on the other hand. For one, when we do wash our clothes, we don't make any special effort in handling them. (We want to get through the task as soon as possible!) And have you ever found out particular instructions on how to wash a type of cloth after you've already washed them and damage has already been done? (I bet you have.)

Now, taking advantage of hiring launderettes, we can avoid the common problems that we meet when we do our washings. Because these shops have trained personnel, they know and do the proper handling of your clothes. Also, because of their experience, the people you hire can identify which types of fabrics must be washed in a particular way (saving you not only money but also from embarrassment). And when your clothes are returned to you, you will find them already neatly folded and stacked you can put them to your wardrobes right away - no more need of hauling baskets after baskets and the mind-numbing task of folding and segregating. Adding to that, laundry services also offer other related services that you similarly would like to avoid - ironing and cleaning the carpet.

So, all in all, by availing of laundry services you can save yourself the time and effort wasted in doing your laundry, plus your clothes get better cleaning quality. By making the best of their offered services, you no longer have to undergo the painful waiting for the washing machine to go off while worrying that more important work is not getting done. And the energy you use for your clothes - from collecting the laundry to its ironing - is used in doing the better and more pleasurable things in life.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Removing Wine Stains From A Wedding Dress

The wedding day is among the most sacred and memorable days in a couple’s life. It is a day that determines what kind of future that you will lead depending on how the events turn out. For the bride, the most exciting part is the wedding dress that she is in on that special day. But like any other day, you can have a bad luck and have some wine spill on the dress, and this can be disturbing. But how can you make sure that you have cleaned this wine without leaving a trace of it on the gown?

There are different approaches to cleaning the wine stains on the wedding dress. One thing that you must recognize is that by having the dress white, wines such as red ones will be conspicuous and thus it cannot be hidden. If allowed to dry, the stain might become tough to clean and thus it must be removed as soon as possible. Here are steps that you can follow for a successful removal wine stain on the wedding dress.

• Determine the type of wedding dress first
Wedding dresses are made from different materials, and they might require a different approach while removing wine stains. Otherwise, such situation can turn out to be worse. You must ensure that you have the right information about the wedding dress material so that you do not end up making the matter worse than it is already. Whether you have a nylon or silk gown, the steps for removing wine spills is almost the same, but the methodology might differ. Make sure that you have identified the type of dress that you are dealing with and this will avoid the chances of destroying it by using the wrong stain removal methodology.

• Test for color bleeding
Color transfer on the wedding dress is one thing that you must avoid by all means. You need to be very careful to ensure that color transfer is at a minimal or zero if possible. Before you have started to work on the dress, you must make sure that you have tested for color bleeding on a hidden area or a similar material. This testing will help you to analyze the amount of color transfer that is like happen once you have removed the real wine stain. You need to use a towel in this case. Apply the detergent that you will be using on the towel and check on the color transfer to a hidden area. The more color transfer is noticed, the more the chances that the dress might get destroyed. Make sure that you have less color transfer as much as possible.

• Apply stain RX on the stain
After verifying the type of dress and testing color bleeding, then the real work should kick off immediately. You should not allow the wine spills to dry since it might become tough to clean and thus it must be done as soon as possible. The best wine stain remover that has been tested and found to work exemplary well is the stain RX. You need to apply this stain remover on the affected area. Let it rest on the stain for a while. The resting will help in absorbing the wine stains and also allow for the part of stain that could have dried to be socked for easy removal.

• Use fingers to gently work on the stain
After the stain remover has been allowed to rest on the stain for a while, you should now use your hands to rub it gently. Rub the stain remover into the wedding dress with your fingers gently. If you have a problem with your fingers, it is always advisable to use an object that will give similar results without destroying the dress. Make sure that you are not spreading the paste to other areas that are not affected by the stain. Once you have gently rubbed the stain remover on the dress, it will be very easy to have it removed off the dress.

• Rinse the with cool water
After you have rubbed the stain remover with your fingers gently, you should use cool water to rub off the stain thoroughly. Water acts as the solvent, and it will dissolve the wine stains collected by the stain RX off the dress. Make sure that you have only rinsed the affected area and not wetting other parts of the dress. If the dress is still worn or is to be worn soon, you need to be extra careful while rinsing. It will be important to have the water flow controlled as much as possible to prevent destroying the gown further.

• Repeat the process until the wine stain is gone
Once you have rinsed the area and still find some traces of wine stain, you should start this process again. Make sure that you have applied the stain remover directly on the remaining stain and the rest should follow as explained above until all the stain is gone.

• Use a white towel to dry the down
After you have rinsed the affected area and the wine stain is gone, then you have to start the drying process immediately. Use of a white towel has been found to be one of the most effective ways of drying such areas. The fact that the towel is white is to ensure that there are is no color transfer at the drying stage. After absorbing most of the water by a towel, the rest can be dried by the use of a hair dryer. Hair dryer is very efficient in drying such areas. Leaving the dress to air dry can create water rings, and this will leave unpleasant marks in the dress.

These are main steps that can be used to remove wine stains on your wedding dress. Therefore, if wine spills over your gown, it should not dull your special day since it can be dealt with immediately. Such stains can be removed easily and fast in a manner that no one will notice that something happened. By just following these tips, you are guaranteed that the stain will disappear, and not even a mark of it will be left. Make sure that you have repeated the steps until the stain has disappeared completely.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

How To Preserve Wedding Dress?

There are some events in the journey of our lives which are extremely important and worth remembering for a long period of time. Our wedding is perhaps one of the most important events of our life. Hence we would like to remain memorable and be etched in our heart and mind for as long as possible. As women many of use spend thousands of dollars on wedding gowns. However, once the event is over and the big day has gone by, we often wonder what do with the wedding dress. We have spent so much on it that we would not like to throw it away.

There could be a few who would like to sell it at a decent price. There could be others who could donate it to somebody who is less fortunate and get happiness because it has been of help to somebody else. However, there could be hundreds of women and even men who would not like to dispose it off because they would like it to be a memory which they would like to share with their children. While the thought process might be fine, maintaining the wedding dress in good conditions and preserving it for many decades could be a daunting task. However, it is not an impossible task and over the next few lines we will try and find out a few things

Start With Proper Cleaning
The first and most obvious step to keep your wedding dress in good shape is to have it cleaned thoroughly. You must not do it on our own unless you are very sure about it. There are many professional wedding dress cleaners who could help to do a thorough job of the cleaning. It should be done as early as possible. It is quite possible that the wedding dress could have attracted dust and perhaps even some stains. Hence the onus lies on you to act immediately and get the stains removed urgently. Stains once they set are difficult to remove and in many cases they might become impossible to get rid of. Therefore having it cleaned immediately is the first step towards proper maintenance of the wedding dress.

Take Special Care Of The Hem
It would be advisable to start the cleaning process at the hem. This is because it is the area which gets dirty quite fast. There are professional cleaners, who scrub the hem with hands and ensure that the dirt is removed. If there are some tough stains they treat them with chemicals. It is however important that you must always be sure that soft and natural stain removing solutions are used. Though synthetic stain removing agents might work, they may also damage the hem and the entire wedding dress might become unsuitable for use again. There are many brides who use correction fluids on their wedding dresses to prevent stains forming on the same. This is not right because these fluids are often made from powerful and harmful synthetic chemicals and they could damage the fabric of the wedding dresses. Professional cleaners may also find it difficult to remove these correction fluids and the stains they leave behind.

Act Fast And Do Not Procrastinate
One of the most common mistakes that many of us make is to delay the process of cleaning the wedding dress. It could happen because of preoccupation with the busy schedules which one may have to attend. Hence before the wedding, you must keep in mind the need to clean your wedding dresses at the earliest. In today’s mobile phone technology it is not a big deal to have a reminder alert set for cleaning the wedding dress once the main even or the most important day is over. You could also perhaps inform about this to your professional launderer. They will remind you and they may even drop in to your place and have the wedding dress collected for cleaning and preservation.

Choose A Proper Storage Space At Home
You have two ways to preserve your wedding dress once it has been cleaned and the dress is made free from stains. You could let it stay with your launderer because they can arrange for the best storage facilities. However, this might come with a cost and when one looks at it from the long term perspective it could be a big amount of money. Therefore a better option would be to identify a suitable storage place in your home where it can be preserved properly. You must ensure that the place chosen is good and it should not be a place where there will be a constant traffic of other dresses. You could make a special rack for the wedding dress and have it closed with a door and even have it locked.

The Closet Should Be Moisture Free
While having a separate storage space for the wedding dress is a good idea, you must be sure that it is moisture free and is suitable for keeping the dress for a long period of time. You must use moth balls and other such chemicals to ensure that it remains in good condition and is free from microorganisms and other such things which could damage the dress beyond repair. The place which you choose should also be free from sunlight because heat beyond a point will also damage the wedding dress beyond repair.

Remember To Take It Out Once In A While
You must not forget to take the wedding dress from its storage place once in a while to ensure that it is in good shape. If needed you could brush it up and then put it back. You also must make it a point to ensure that it is packed well (perhaps in a vacuum packing method). This will certainly ensure damage due to moisture and other such substances.

Hence at the end of the day if you are informed and then take steps to preserve your wedding dress, you can be sure that it will remain in good shape for a long period of time. You can easily hand it over to your daughter in the best of condition for her wedding.