Friday, 18 December 2015

How to Choose the Right Sofa Cleaning Service

A sofa just like any other household item requires regular cleaning. Some people prefer to clean annually while there are those who do not clean them at all. Sofa cleaning is recommended for a number of reasons. The most important one is that it will remove dirt, dust mites, microorganisms and stains that accumulate over time. How often you wash it depends on how first it gets dirty. If you have children around, a sofa may get dirty quicker than in a home with no kids. In addition, if you love taking meals on the sofa or it serves as a bed, cleaning it more often is recommended. 

For you to clean your sofa effectively, you need to know how to go about it. A sofa cannot be treated like your regular laundry. It needs more attention and a lot entails in cleaning it. If you want the cleaning to be effective, you should involve a professional sofa cleaning company or expert. You will be assured that the process is done professionally and the sofa will not only be clean but it will be well maintained. You may argue that this will end up costing you more but remember that wrong cleaning techniques may ruin your sofa or not remove all the dirt and stains. How do you choose the right professional to do the job for you? What are some of the things you should look out for?

Before settling for a particular sofa cleaning service, you must have several to choose from. If you have no idea of where to start, you can ask family members and friends for recommendations. It is also good to check online for companies in Singapore that can offer you the service. You can browse around and go through reviews by those who have used the services in the past. What do they have to say about the company? Were they happy with the services? If they have complains, what were they? Can you overlook them? When you have some recommendations or have checked a few online companies, the next step is qualifying them. Here are some things you should check out for.

Professional Services and Dealings
From the moment you call a company requesting for their sofa cleaning services, you will be able to know whether they can actually deliver what you are looking for. A professional company will have someone to help you with the whole process no matter the time you call in. They will, listen to your requests, offer advice and recommendations and ask questions where they do not understand. Some will even send someone over to check what needs to be done even before they give you a quote.
A professional company will have transparent dealings. It will inform you of everything involved from the word go. It will have clear and understandable contracts and only send over employees who have also been trained to be professional and dependable. It will not change the terms of service or have hidden charges. You will be assured that what it promises is what you will get.

Level of Experience
It does not matter what type of a sofa you have or the material used to make it. A cleaning company should be able to accommodate all sofa types. It should have the right products and ingredients required to clean any sofa perfectly without ruining the fabric. In addition, different sofa types require different cleaning methods. It should know what method to use at a glance. Its employees should also be well trained to handle any sofa type without ruining the fabric or the sofa itself. It is also wise to check how long the company has been in operation. The longer it has been the better.

Can you rely on the company to do what it has promised at the right time using the right procedures? Are you kept waiting for days or do they cancel appointments at the last minute. A reliable sofa cleaning company should have enough employees to handle all the incoming requests fast and efficiently. It should also keep its words and deliver what it has promised. When a client’s demand is more than it can handle, it should communicate this in advance to avoid conflicts or misunderstandings. 

Can the Company Be Trusted?
More often than not, you will have the cleaning company’s employees performing the job from your home or wherever the sofa is located. Can you trust them with the sofa and your entire house? You do not want to have people in your house who damage or take off with some of your property no matter how insignificant they may be. You want to deal with a company that assures you that even if you leave the employees in your home unsupervised, nothing will go wrong. 

Is it Affordable?
Although you should not go for the cheapest offer you get for a sofa cleaning service, the rates should be within your budget. Mostly, professional and reliable companies tend to charge more than those that do a shoddy job. If you cannot afford their services now, it is advisable that you start putting some money aside for a while until you have enough to cater for the service. This in the end will save you money and time. If you go for a cheap offer, you may end up having your sofa ruined or the job not done satisfactorily. This will eventually mean that you will have to look for another company to repeat the job, which will cost you more. 

When you have the right cleaning service, you stand to gain a lot. Your sofa will serve you for long because it will be cleaned by experts who make sure they do not ruin its fabric. It will also maintain its original color because the right detergents have been used. You will also have peace of mind knowing that experts are taking care of the sofa giving you time to handle other issues you may have. You will have more time to spend with those you love or attend to other chores. 

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Why Choose Us As Your Building Carpet Cleaning Company?

The most common floor covering in offices and homes is the carpet. There are several advantages of hiring a building carpet cleaning professional to perform the cleaning task for you. This particular type of flooring greatly differs from several other types, especially when it comes to cleaning. For instance, high traffic the carpet flooring surface is subjected to on a daily basis, and the fiber construction are some of the differing factors, which only a professional carpet cleaner will effectively clean it. Additionally, the carpet flooring, which is installed in a commercial building features certain elements, which are best dealt with by a team of experts. Here are some benefits why you should consider us as your best carpet cleaning company.

Budget considerations

Despite there are several types of carpets, they are basically quite expensive. Well-maintained carpet flooring should at least last for more than ten years before replacing it. Considering all the implications of having to replace your carpet after every year, for instance, just because its damaged, there is need to seek our building carpet cleaning services. Generally, by choosing our services, your carpet is cleaned by professional who perfectly understand everything needed to get your carpet look as good as a new one. In addition, you also get the advice on how best to take care of your carpets after cleaning and this will save you a lot of money at the end.

Environmental friendly techniques

Another important thing why you consider us your best carpet cleaning company is because of the gentle cleaning detergents as well as agents and eco-friendly methods we use to clean your carpeted floors. The formulations used are gentle on various carpet fibers as they are usually free of toxins. You can therefore be guaranteed that after our cleaning services, nobody will experience allergies or irritations associated to certain harmful cleaning agents. Additionally, some cleaning techniques can also make your carpet to get easily damaged and that is why we ensure that the techniques we use are environmentally friendly and recommended for carpet cleaning. In a nutshell, by choosing us, not only you keep your carpet clean, but also contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Saves time

Time is essence and important to everyone and that is why we always ensure we keep time for our clients. Carpet cleaning can be a strenuous exercise that demands you to dedicate enough time to it. That is why you should look for the best building carpet cleaning company to save you time and hassle of doing it yourself. Rather than spending the whole day cleaning your floor, can get yourself busy doing something constructive with your free time by hiring our cleaning services.

Carpet shield provision

Carpet flooring type, particularly in public places such as government offices and commercial buildings are highly subjected to wear and tear because of a lot of people who flock these areas. Since the carpets gather a lot of dirt faster, there is need to clean them more regularly. However, the issue is that, even with best and gentler cleaning methods, repeated cleaning exercises may lead to destruction of fibers. Contrary to other carpet cleaning service providers, we provide you with the best means to get round such an issue. Rather than performing regular carpet cleaning, you can consider having our special shield-cover that effectively guards your carpet from getting dirty more easily and faster. By doing this, it will make the carpet last longer before it gets dirt again.

Improves the durability of the carpet

Commercial carpet cleaning services also help improve the carpet is durability and the length of time, which elapses before it starts damaging by properly maintaining and installing the flooring. We are reliable building carpet cleaning company who are always equipped to effectively restore any specific spills and spots, and replace flooring that cannot be repaired.

High level of experience

Our high experience level and knowledge in handling various upholstery cleaning services is also another good reason why you should choose us to offer you carpet cleaning services. Our expertise is achieved from the quality of certification classes, which is needed to perform all types of flooring restoration, including carpet flooring. Our experience in this industry makes us understand how to react to various carpet cleaning needs. This is because some types of carpets require high knowledge and experience to be installed and cleaned.

We use modern cleaning equipment and tools

We use the most sophisticated equipment and tools such as those used in hot-water extraction techniques, which are commonly used these days. Hot-water extraction method works to get rid of dirt and bacteria from within carpet fibers without the need of shampoos and detergents. Usually, some cleaning agents and detergents leave behind residues that over time can damage the carpet and lower its life span. Our hot-water extraction method is best for cleaning, protecting and leaving your carpet looking fresh and new. This is yet a good reason why you should hire us to offer you the best building carpet cleaning services.

Flexibility services

This is an important consideration we make to our clients. We are always flexible and this means that you can tell us which times or days you need our cleaning professionals to attend your place, whether commercial building or office, or residential home, so that we can do what is necessary to meet your needs. We have adequate number of staff members so, should one get sick or are absent; there is always a replacement carpet cleaner.

Additional services

As well as commercial or general house cleaning, we also provide specialist cleaning and maintenance services for various items such as curtains, and several other upholstery items.

A great team of experts

Our professionals are highly trained and we put them through rigorous checks to ensure that they’re legally entitled to work with maximum respect to our clients. They also have no any criminal records so that they are trusted when working in certain areas. We also cover every cleaner by public liability and employer liability insurance.

Conclusively, the best thing about us is that we really value our clients and customers and each passing day we keep on coming up with new ways of staying ahead of the pack. Therefore, this is one of the reasons why you choose us as your preferred building carpet cleaning service provider.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Is Upholstery Shampooing Good for Pets?

To maintain their comfort and appealing looks, different upholstery furniture need to be thoroughly cleaned occasionally. This helps get rid of dust, germs and bacteria that may be harbored within the upholstery material. It also helps get rid of dirt and stains, leaving the upholstery looking and feeling new and fresh.

Shampooing is one of the most popular and common upholstery cleaning methods. It makes use of shampoo and other cleaning detergents to get rid of the dirt that may have accumulated in the upholstery over time. However, depending on the nature of the shampoo and other detergents and the mechanisms used, upholstery shampooing may be harmful to your pet’s well-being.

The harm in upholstery shampooing

Cleaning upholstery and other furniture by shampooing entails using shampoo and other cleaning chemicals and ingredients to get rid of the dirt. The solution of shampoo is scrubbed into the upholstery either manually using brushes and/or towels or automatically using specialized cleaning machines.

If doing it manually, time has to be allowed for the mixture of shampoo to seep in, collecting the dirt as it goes. It is later sucked out using a suction machine or ordinary vacuum cleaner. This may leave a lot of debris constituting dirt and residue of the shampoo and detergents lodged into the upholstery.

However, when using specialized shampoo cleaning machines, the solution is automatically rubbed into the upholstery and also sucked out at the same time. This method further ensures that the shampoo is rubbed deep into the upholstery to ensure effectiveness. However, depending on the suction power applied, residue may also be left over.

Depending on the quality of the shampoo and cleaning chemicals used, the left over residue may be harmful to pets and humans as well both in the short run and long run.

The danger in shampoo upholstery residue to pets

Depending on how shallow the left over residue is in the upholstery, pets in the house are bound to come to contact with it after cleaning. Unsafe cleaning products come with volatile chemical compositions.

Consequently, when pets come into contact with these chemicals, their skin cells defense systems are brought to action. This consequently leads to skin conditions like:

• Constant itching in pets.
• Itching consequently leads to loss of fur and hence unappealing looks.
• The itching may also irritate the pet, making it unfriendly and hence potentially dangerous (especially in cases of dogs).
• In severe cases, rashes may also develop in the affected areas. This develops to other worse medical conditions over time if left unchecked.

The effects of these chemicals however go beyond the skin. Over time, the residue is bound to dry up, hardening into a solid mixture of shampoo residue and accumulated dirt. The mixture tends to break up over time, letting loose in the air as tiny dust particles.

These particles may be harmful to the pets’ breathing system in the long run. Depending on their toxicity, they may also extend to affect human inhabitants in the house too. The complications may range depending on toxicity, and may include:

• A choking sensation.
• Difficulty breathing.
• Sneezing.
• A running nose.
If left unchecked, these conditions may worsen in time, requiring more complicated attention to solve. They may also be irritating to the pets, making them restless or depressed, and also leaving them in pain and discomfort.

As such, shampoo cleaning may be dangerous to pets’ wellbeing, and is recommended against for people with especially delicate pets. However, it all depends on how well the job is done and the safety of shampoo and other cleaning detergents used.

Ensuring safety in shampoo cleaning

Among other methods, shampoo cleaning for upholstery and other furniture is a really effective way of ensuring cleanliness and hence safety. Nonetheless, it largely depends on the mechanism used and the quality of shampoo and cleaning chemicals incorporated. To ensure safety for pets and other inhabitants, it is recommended that only chemicals and shampoo certified by the Singapore regulatory authorities be used. This goes a long way in ensuring quality.
Also, make sure to use professional cleaning services or cleaning machines with a strong suction power. This will ensure that all the shampoo and dirt is extracted after cleaning, ensuring safety both in the long run and short run.


To ensure safety for pets, make sure to use professional cleaning services and quality shampoo and cleaning detergents. Alternatively, you can use another cleaning method like steam cleaning.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

7 Reasons To Opt For Dry Cleaning Of Soft Toys

Do you have a pile of baby toys and are wondering how to keep them clean? Your child’s soft toys will generally get dirty fast as the child is not conscious of keeping the toy clean. The toy may therefore accumulate dust fast and get stained by various elements as the child plays with the toy. It is therefore important to have an effective way of keeping these soft toys clean. There are several options available for cleaning soft toys including laundry, vacuum cleaning and general dust wiping. However, one of the most effective ways of cleaning your child’s soft toy is by dry cleaning.

Below are 7 reasons as to why using dry cleaning is best for soft toys;

1. Thorough in Removing Dust and Dirt
One of the main reasons as to why you should thoroughly clean your kid’s soft toy is to remove the dirt on the toy. Soft toys such as stuffed animal and fabric dolls can especially hold a lot of dust that can lead to diseases such as common cold and other respiratory diseases. Dirt on toys also makes the toys look less appealing and this may be a reason as to why your child gets disinterested with some toys very fast. As compared to other alternatives for cleaning the toys, dry cleaning is the most thorough and removes all dirt and most stains on the toys. Therefore, by dry cleaning the toys, you will not only keep diseases away from your child but also keep the child feeling excited about the toys.

2. Avoid Wear and Tear
Laundry detergents can be very hard on the fabric of a soft toy and thereby lead to fast wear and tear of the toy. This can be a major let down especially for those toys and dolls that your child is so fond of. On the other hand, dry cleaning uses a solvent called tetrachloroethylene that is gentle on the toys’ fabric while removing all stains and dirt on the toys. This way, the toys are thoroughly cleaned while not wear off fast. Though dry cleaning is slightly more expensive than laundry and other cleaning options, you will end up saving more in the long run as your toys will last longer.

3. Keep the Toys’ Colors
Another major advantage of dry cleaning especially when compared with laundry cleaning is that the colors on the toy’s material do not run. The detergents used in water cleaning will usually result in the wearing off of colors. This color fading is even more enhanced when washing with high temperature water. This will result in the toy looking dull and lose the original beauty of the soft toys. Furthermore, if you wash many of the toys together or wash the toys with other laundry items, then the colors from the other fabrics may run and get onto the toys’ fabric and thereby mess up the looks of your child’s toys. On the other hand, the solvent used in dry cleaning ensures that the colors on the fabric do not fade. This way, the toys remain looking bright and attractive to your child.


4. Keep Toys in Shape
Laundry cleaning has a way of disfiguring the form of dolls, stuffed animals and other soft toys. The water and detergents used in laundry cleaning will generally result in the shrinking of the filler material and at times also result in the hardening of the inner stuffing. This will spoil figure and shape of the fabric toys. On the other hand, dry cleaning is gentle and therefore does not result in disfiguring of the toys. The chemicals used do not result in shrinking of material as is the case with water. Therefore, if you want to keep your kid’s toys in shape for a long time, it is advisable to go for dry cleaning as opposed to laundry cleaning.

5. Hand Washing Not Viable for All Toys
For some of those soft toys and dolls with complex shapes and many hidden section, it may be tricky and hard to thoroughly clean all the hidden areas without tearing the toy or messing the form. For such complex shape toys, hand cleaning may not be viable. However, with dry cleaning, even these complex shape toys will get thoroughly cleaned. The dry cleaning solvent absorbs and penetrates throughout the material of the toys and therefore works to remove dirt and stains throughout the toys. It is therefore the most ideal for cleaning of kind of toys.

6. Keep Toy’s Fabric Straightened Up
With laundry, the outer fabric of the toy will generally get crisped. Typically, when it comes to your other laundry clothes and items, all you will need to do is iron the items and they will look fine again. Unfortunately, ironing of these soft toys may either be hard or not possible at all. The soft toys and especially so the stuffed animals and fabric dolls will generally have a three dimensional shape that makes it hard or even impossible to iron. This means that when you use laundry cleaning, the soft toys fabric will be crisped and make the toy look dull. On the other hand, dry cleaning does not leave the fabric crisped. The solvent removed the dirt and the stains in the fabric without affecting the stretch of the fabric. This means that after dry cleaning, your toys will look straightened out as they were originally.

7. Keeps Toys’ Fabric Soft
Another major advantage of dry cleaning your soft toys is that the fabric remains soft. Since your baby is still tender and the hands are still soft, the kid really appreciates the soft feel of the stuffed animals and dolls. Unfortunately, with excessive handling, a toy may lose this soft fabric feel and start becoming tough. Laundry cleaning does not help much as it will only result in making the toys hard especially as the material for the inner stuffing shrinks. Thankfully, dry cleaning does indeed return the soft feel and glow of the toys. The solvent used in dry cleaning works to loosen up and soften the fabric of a soft toy.