Tuesday, 9 June 2015

7 Reasons To Opt For Dry Cleaning Of Soft Toys

Do you have a pile of baby toys and are wondering how to keep them clean? Your child’s soft toys will generally get dirty fast as the child is not conscious of keeping the toy clean. The toy may therefore accumulate dust fast and get stained by various elements as the child plays with the toy. It is therefore important to have an effective way of keeping these soft toys clean. There are several options available for cleaning soft toys including laundry, vacuum cleaning and general dust wiping. However, one of the most effective ways of cleaning your child’s soft toy is by dry cleaning.

Below are 7 reasons as to why using dry cleaning is best for soft toys;

1. Thorough in Removing Dust and Dirt
One of the main reasons as to why you should thoroughly clean your kid’s soft toy is to remove the dirt on the toy. Soft toys such as stuffed animal and fabric dolls can especially hold a lot of dust that can lead to diseases such as common cold and other respiratory diseases. Dirt on toys also makes the toys look less appealing and this may be a reason as to why your child gets disinterested with some toys very fast. As compared to other alternatives for cleaning the toys, dry cleaning is the most thorough and removes all dirt and most stains on the toys. Therefore, by dry cleaning the toys, you will not only keep diseases away from your child but also keep the child feeling excited about the toys.

2. Avoid Wear and Tear
Laundry detergents can be very hard on the fabric of a soft toy and thereby lead to fast wear and tear of the toy. This can be a major let down especially for those toys and dolls that your child is so fond of. On the other hand, dry cleaning uses a solvent called tetrachloroethylene that is gentle on the toys’ fabric while removing all stains and dirt on the toys. This way, the toys are thoroughly cleaned while not wear off fast. Though dry cleaning is slightly more expensive than laundry and other cleaning options, you will end up saving more in the long run as your toys will last longer.

3. Keep the Toys’ Colors
Another major advantage of dry cleaning especially when compared with laundry cleaning is that the colors on the toy’s material do not run. The detergents used in water cleaning will usually result in the wearing off of colors. This color fading is even more enhanced when washing with high temperature water. This will result in the toy looking dull and lose the original beauty of the soft toys. Furthermore, if you wash many of the toys together or wash the toys with other laundry items, then the colors from the other fabrics may run and get onto the toys’ fabric and thereby mess up the looks of your child’s toys. On the other hand, the solvent used in dry cleaning ensures that the colors on the fabric do not fade. This way, the toys remain looking bright and attractive to your child.


4. Keep Toys in Shape
Laundry cleaning has a way of disfiguring the form of dolls, stuffed animals and other soft toys. The water and detergents used in laundry cleaning will generally result in the shrinking of the filler material and at times also result in the hardening of the inner stuffing. This will spoil figure and shape of the fabric toys. On the other hand, dry cleaning is gentle and therefore does not result in disfiguring of the toys. The chemicals used do not result in shrinking of material as is the case with water. Therefore, if you want to keep your kid’s toys in shape for a long time, it is advisable to go for dry cleaning as opposed to laundry cleaning.

5. Hand Washing Not Viable for All Toys
For some of those soft toys and dolls with complex shapes and many hidden section, it may be tricky and hard to thoroughly clean all the hidden areas without tearing the toy or messing the form. For such complex shape toys, hand cleaning may not be viable. However, with dry cleaning, even these complex shape toys will get thoroughly cleaned. The dry cleaning solvent absorbs and penetrates throughout the material of the toys and therefore works to remove dirt and stains throughout the toys. It is therefore the most ideal for cleaning of kind of toys.

6. Keep Toy’s Fabric Straightened Up
With laundry, the outer fabric of the toy will generally get crisped. Typically, when it comes to your other laundry clothes and items, all you will need to do is iron the items and they will look fine again. Unfortunately, ironing of these soft toys may either be hard or not possible at all. The soft toys and especially so the stuffed animals and fabric dolls will generally have a three dimensional shape that makes it hard or even impossible to iron. This means that when you use laundry cleaning, the soft toys fabric will be crisped and make the toy look dull. On the other hand, dry cleaning does not leave the fabric crisped. The solvent removed the dirt and the stains in the fabric without affecting the stretch of the fabric. This means that after dry cleaning, your toys will look straightened out as they were originally.

7. Keeps Toys’ Fabric Soft
Another major advantage of dry cleaning your soft toys is that the fabric remains soft. Since your baby is still tender and the hands are still soft, the kid really appreciates the soft feel of the stuffed animals and dolls. Unfortunately, with excessive handling, a toy may lose this soft fabric feel and start becoming tough. Laundry cleaning does not help much as it will only result in making the toys hard especially as the material for the inner stuffing shrinks. Thankfully, dry cleaning does indeed return the soft feel and glow of the toys. The solvent used in dry cleaning works to loosen up and soften the fabric of a soft toy.

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