Tuesday, 17 May 2016

The Best Ways to Fold Your Clothes and Save Luggage Space

When traveling, you would most likely get wrinkles and creases on your clothes especially if you packed it the wrong way. Besides from folding your clothes into a square and then stacking them all up into a pile, there are actually more efficient ways in folding your clothes! You can even save so much luggage space from the tips we have compiled for you below. Keep on reading to know how to fold your clothes to save space and fit a lot of stuff into your luggage!

Method Number One: ROLLING CLOTHES

Apply the rolling method
The rolling method is actually the best way to save space and reduce the wrinkles of your clothes. It is very efficient that even the US military uses the rolling method. It is excellent in fitting more stuff into your bag or if you want to lighten up the load.

This method works well with socks, synthetic T-shirts, tank tops, shorts, sweats and some pajamas. The most important thing you need to remember when using this particular method is to make sure that you smoothen the clothing item as you roll it up. This is to ensure that all the sides of your clothes wont get wrinkled.

Fold your pair of jeans or shorts in half lengthwise
Before rolling it up, make sure that the shorts or jeans are smooth. You can then start rolling it up its length but it does not matter where you start - either on the cuff or on the bottom. It would be wise for you to pack your shorts and jeans first because they are big and harder to fit so you are sure that you can pack it into the bag and bring it with you as you travel.

Roll up the t-shirts
To do this, you first need to lay the t-shirt face down on any flat surface. Next, fold the sleeves onto the main body part of the shirt. Smoothen out all the wrinkles and then fold it lengthwise. You can now start rolling it up and pack it in your bag!

Fold your long-sleeve shirts
Lay the shirt face down again. Fold the sleeves of the shirt down, making it touch the shirt’s hem. Fold it lengthwise and then begin rolling starting from the hem.

For your nicer shirts, smoothen the shoulders first before folding them and make sure that both the ends of the shoulders are touching. You can now fold the bottom third of the shirt and then fold the top down so it would overlap the bottom. After which, flip it to the other side and place your hand between the fold to smoothen bunched fabric if there is any. The last step is to roll it up starting from the hem as well.

Roll dresses and skirts and dress trousers
To avoid getting wrinkles and bunching, smooth your clothing item beforehand and as you are rolling. Dresses, dress trousers and skirts are best put at the bottom of the bag or luggage because they can be more secure there and they are actually bigger than your undergarments and t-shirts.

Hang your clothes up as soon as you have reached your destination
Your clothes will remain wrinkle-free if you hang up all your clothes as soon as you arrive at your destination. If you are short of a hanger, just choose the ones that are easily prone to wrinkle like silk shirts and fancy dresses.

If you leave your clothes in the luggage, it would eventually crease because of all the rooting you need to do. You would end by messing up everything so hang your clothes into your hotel room closet to avoid dealing with this problem.


Layer your clothes by making use of a core element as a base
A flat rectangular organizer pouch can be used as a core element of your bundle. An organizer pouch, if you don’t already know, is a pouch with a rectangular shape that has a lot of organizing pockets. It is a great storage place for small items like brushes and jewelry which could easily get lost in the bag.

Using the pouch, form a pillow shape
You can use the pouch as a place to store socks, underwear, laundry bag, swimwear but make sure you do not overstuff the pouch so it wont be too bulky.

Begin piling the clothing items to surround your filled pouch
You can start with the heavy items such as the jeans, shorts and jackets. Lay it all on the bed, table or basically any flat surface. Smoothen out the wrinkles before proceeding.

Usually, garments will lie facing upwards. If you have a tailored jacket, make sure that it faces downwards and position the sleeves as naturally as you can. You need to do this because it can easily crease if it is facing upwards.

Layer all your clothing items on top of the jeans and jackets
Fold the skirts and dresses in half lengthwise. All of them should be alternately situated from left to right as you stack them up. Follow the buttoned long sleeved shirts as well as the t-shirts. Alternate them by pointing down and up for each one. Make sure that the shirt collars line up with next shirt’s armpits. Add the trousers or slacks alternately from left to right and the sweaters and knit garments alternating to an up and down orientation.

Add the filled pouch to the center of your clothing pile
As much as possible, align the edges of the shirt collars to the waistbands of your skirts. This will ensure that your entire bundle would not fall apart as you try to put it inside the luggage

Wrap and tuck the legs of your trousers around the bundle
Wrap the clothing pile tightly but do not stretch the clothes or else it will crease. As soon as you successfully wrap the bundle with the legs of your jeans and sleeves of your shirts, place the whole bundle into the suitcase. The extra space you have saved up can be filled with the rest of your belongings like your shoes and make up bags!