Friday, 24 June 2016

Is Dirty Carpet Bad for Your Kids?

 A dirty carpet does not just ruin the overall look of your home. There are actually more serious dangers to a dirty carpet than the dust and grime that settled between the fibers. If you have kids, then you will find that vacuuming the carpet is often not enough – you have to do a deep cleaning if you want to protect the little ones from all the dangers posed by a dirty carpet.

Dirty Carpets and Health Problems

Children are the ones most vulnerable to dirty carpets because they often play on the surface. The fact that they are smaller also means that dirt coming from the carpet reaches them first. Not convinced yet? Here is what you should know about the dirty carpets and how they can cause problems.

Dust and Asthma
Although asthma is largely a genetic disease, there are instances when frequent exposure to dust can lead to the development of asthma. This is especially true if you have younger children. Babies have fairly weak lungs and consistent exposure to dust can further weaken their organs, causing asthma problems as they grow older. In a country like Singapore where vehicle traffic is high, even just leaving the windows open causes an accumulation of dust on the carpet.

Respiratory Issues
Asthma is just one of the many respiratory issues that could develop with a badly cleaned carpet. Bronchitis, croup, and difficulty breathing are just some of the most common problems that could occur. Since kids have a weaker immune system, they are actually more prone to having these health issues as opposed to adults exposed to the same environment.

Mold and All Kinds of Diseases
Do not forget the presence of mold which can be more deadly than dust and dirt. Mold is often trapped in the fibers of a carpet and then inhaled by inhabitants of a home. Children are more prone to this, especially if they like to play on the carpet surface. Today, there are literally millions of types of mold triggering all kinds of health problems from the simple to the serious. Even worse, mold can be hard to get rid of one it starts growing in a home – which is why it is usually better to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Flea Bites and More
If you have a dog, cat, or any kind of furry pet – then chances are you also have fleas and ticks in your home. These parasites often stay in carpet fibers as they fall off their host. Unfortunately, fleas have been known to bite people, creating incredibly itchy red patches on the skin that takes days to disappear. Fleas and ticks can also be carriers of certain diseases such as Lyme Disease.

Skin Problems
Flea bites is just one of the examples of possible skin problems you or your child may have with a dirty carpet. Scabs, ringworms, and other skin issues may surface as children become exposed to whatever microbes are in the carpet.

Unpleasant Odor
Dirty carpets tend to smell badly, enveloping the whole house in the stench. You will find that being exposed to bad smells on a daily basis can cause all sorts of health issues such as nausea and dizziness. The good news is that these problems usually go away as soon as the bad smell is removed. You will find though that when allowed to linger for long, it can actually compromise the sense of smell of individuals. For most people, smelling something bad can severely affect their appetite, making it more difficult for them to eat sufficient amounts of food.

Stress Levels
Studies show that a dirty carpet can also increase the stress levels of an individual. This may have something to do with the disorganized look for a dirty carpet or perhaps the fact that you are exposed to more grime than usual – but be assured that this can cause havoc in how you relax in your own home. Although it is mostly the adults who are stressed by dirty carpets, it is definitely a good reason why cleaning them is crucial for your well-being.

Weakened Immune System
Perhaps the biggest health risk of a dirty carpet to your child is a weaker immune system. Once the immune system is compromised, it is fairly tough to bring it back to a healthy level. Children may suffer from this problem all throughout their life, making it harder for them to recover from even the most common bacteria and viruses. Kids with weak immune systems are more prone to colds, fungal infection, fevers, and a host of other diseases that can normally be fought off by the white blood cells.

Other Dirty Carpet Problems
Health is a primary reason for keeping your carpet cleans – but it is not the only one. You will find that allowing your carpet to gather dust and grime over the years shortens its life span. The fibers lose their thickness and become flatter faster. The dirt also becomes very difficult to remove if left alone, which usually means you will have to replace it rather than just clean it up. Typically, a carpet will last you 10 years when cared for properly. Without routine cleaning, however, the 10 years is reduced to 5 years or even less, depending on the amount of abuse it usually gets.

Keeping Your Carpet Clean

Considering all the negative aspects of a dirty carpet, your incentive for keeping the surface clean should be doubled if not tripled. This is especially true if your Singapore home tends to experience more foot traffic than usual. Remember: people can track in all kinds of dirt, bacteria, and spores through their shoes.

Constant cleaning is crucial so that you can avoid the health risks given above. To ensure the safety of your child, however, vacuuming is often not enough. A more thorough cleaning with the help of professionals is often important to ensure that every fiber is free of harmful micro-organisms. With professional cleaning performed a few times a year and regular steam cleaning on a routine basis, you will be able to limit the health risks of your child from dirty carpeting.