Monday, 26 September 2016

Removing Wine Stains From A Wedding Dress

The wedding day is among the most sacred and memorable days in a couple’s life. It is a day that determines what kind of future that you will lead depending on how the events turn out. For the bride, the most exciting part is the wedding dress that she is in on that special day. But like any other day, you can have a bad luck and have some wine spill on the dress, and this can be disturbing. But how can you make sure that you have cleaned this wine without leaving a trace of it on the gown?

There are different approaches to cleaning the wine stains on the wedding dress. One thing that you must recognize is that by having the dress white, wines such as red ones will be conspicuous and thus it cannot be hidden. If allowed to dry, the stain might become tough to clean and thus it must be removed as soon as possible. Here are steps that you can follow for a successful removal wine stain on the wedding dress.

• Determine the type of wedding dress first
Wedding dresses are made from different materials, and they might require a different approach while removing wine stains. Otherwise, such situation can turn out to be worse. You must ensure that you have the right information about the wedding dress material so that you do not end up making the matter worse than it is already. Whether you have a nylon or silk gown, the steps for removing wine spills is almost the same, but the methodology might differ. Make sure that you have identified the type of dress that you are dealing with and this will avoid the chances of destroying it by using the wrong stain removal methodology.

• Test for color bleeding
Color transfer on the wedding dress is one thing that you must avoid by all means. You need to be very careful to ensure that color transfer is at a minimal or zero if possible. Before you have started to work on the dress, you must make sure that you have tested for color bleeding on a hidden area or a similar material. This testing will help you to analyze the amount of color transfer that is like happen once you have removed the real wine stain. You need to use a towel in this case. Apply the detergent that you will be using on the towel and check on the color transfer to a hidden area. The more color transfer is noticed, the more the chances that the dress might get destroyed. Make sure that you have less color transfer as much as possible.

• Apply stain RX on the stain
After verifying the type of dress and testing color bleeding, then the real work should kick off immediately. You should not allow the wine spills to dry since it might become tough to clean and thus it must be done as soon as possible. The best wine stain remover that has been tested and found to work exemplary well is the stain RX. You need to apply this stain remover on the affected area. Let it rest on the stain for a while. The resting will help in absorbing the wine stains and also allow for the part of stain that could have dried to be socked for easy removal.

• Use fingers to gently work on the stain
After the stain remover has been allowed to rest on the stain for a while, you should now use your hands to rub it gently. Rub the stain remover into the wedding dress with your fingers gently. If you have a problem with your fingers, it is always advisable to use an object that will give similar results without destroying the dress. Make sure that you are not spreading the paste to other areas that are not affected by the stain. Once you have gently rubbed the stain remover on the dress, it will be very easy to have it removed off the dress.

• Rinse the with cool water
After you have rubbed the stain remover with your fingers gently, you should use cool water to rub off the stain thoroughly. Water acts as the solvent, and it will dissolve the wine stains collected by the stain RX off the dress. Make sure that you have only rinsed the affected area and not wetting other parts of the dress. If the dress is still worn or is to be worn soon, you need to be extra careful while rinsing. It will be important to have the water flow controlled as much as possible to prevent destroying the gown further.

• Repeat the process until the wine stain is gone
Once you have rinsed the area and still find some traces of wine stain, you should start this process again. Make sure that you have applied the stain remover directly on the remaining stain and the rest should follow as explained above until all the stain is gone.

• Use a white towel to dry the down
After you have rinsed the affected area and the wine stain is gone, then you have to start the drying process immediately. Use of a white towel has been found to be one of the most effective ways of drying such areas. The fact that the towel is white is to ensure that there are is no color transfer at the drying stage. After absorbing most of the water by a towel, the rest can be dried by the use of a hair dryer. Hair dryer is very efficient in drying such areas. Leaving the dress to air dry can create water rings, and this will leave unpleasant marks in the dress.

These are main steps that can be used to remove wine stains on your wedding dress. Therefore, if wine spills over your gown, it should not dull your special day since it can be dealt with immediately. Such stains can be removed easily and fast in a manner that no one will notice that something happened. By just following these tips, you are guaranteed that the stain will disappear, and not even a mark of it will be left. Make sure that you have repeated the steps until the stain has disappeared completely.