Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Tips for Doing Laundry the Easy Breezy Way

Even if you have the luxury of an automatic washing machine, doing the laundry is still a terrible chore. Not only is it never ending, especially if you have young kids who seem to take pleasure from dirtying as many clothes as they possibly can - stains are particularly fun, it looks - but there are so many do's and don'ts involved that it ends up being practically as daunting as scrubbing away in the bathtub.

Then, of course, there's the dread of possibly getting it wrong which means you'll either be harming your clothes and making them look older sooner, damaging them so severely that you'll have to throw them away or have to wash them ALL... OVER... AGAIN.

However, there are ways of taking the pressure off and making sure that what you throw in comes out in one piece and adequately clean the first time, so read on to learn three laundry cleaning tips and tricks that will turn laundry day into a good day. Well, almost.

Prepare the clothes to be washed.
One of the smallest, almost trivial things that make doing the washing longer than it must be is lack of preparation. Many of us lack preparation in almost anything we do-from doing research to making dinner to doing it laundry. A small amount of preparation time can pay off in the long run.

Individual the clothes to be hand washed from those to be machine cleaned. Then, if necessary, independent colored clothes from the white ones. This ought not to take too much effort and it helps a great package by the time you're doing the laundry as you won't conclude missing any clothes, and you won't have to spend time bleaching your whites later because a red sock colored them pink.

Keep colors looking new

You can easily keep colored fabrics looking brighter for longer by just remembering to turn garments inside out - especially very dark garments and jeans. (Tablecloths tend to make this tricky so only where possible, of course.) You also need to make sure always to select the coldest and shortest wash cycle necessary to do the job. Another neat trick is to add a small teaspoon of salt to every bundle by just sprinkling it onto the clothing in the barrel before turning the washing machine on.

Prevent unnecessary damage
To make sure your clothes and other laundry items get damaged as little as possible it is essential to prepare your laundry the right way. It might seem like a hassle but just merely zipping up zippers, removing buckles and closing Velcro strips, snaps and hooks could prevent tears and abrasions. It is, however, better not to close buttons since the forces exerted on the garments while spinning in the machine can tear or stretch the buttonholes.

Get it clean the first time
Having to rewash items is not only frustrating but also a massive waste of water, electricity, washing powder and time. Therefore, to make sure that they come out of the wash completely clean the first time, it is worth the effort of emptying pockets and turning them inside out, rolling down cuffs and unfurling socks before placing the items in the barrel of the washing machine. Also, make sure to check for stains because it is infinitely easier to treat them before they've had a chance to set in the wash.

Laundry Cleaning Products
Quality laundry cleaning products help to efficiently get rid of soil and stain. These products come in different forms including detergent powders, fabric softeners, detergent cakes, sprays, sticks and gels-for different fabric cleaning applications.

Detergent Powders for Effective Cleaning
Detergents play a significant role in washing away mild stains from your clothes. Most of them are made of optical brighteners, anionic and non-anionic surfactants, a quick dissolving formula for use in all water temperatures and much more for useful cleaning results. A large number of detergent powders have soap content in their mixture of ingredients.

One of the prime benefits of using detergents is that they are easy to use and can effectively remove grease, oil, dust and dirt from the fabrics. Some are made incredibly safe for human hands and are highly effective for delicate fabrics.

Stain Removers and Fabric Softeners
At times, it is tough to remove specific tough stains from the clothes, even with detergents. Different types of stain removers are now widely available in the market; most of these are specially made to remove the toughest stains from the fabrics. Toxic chemicals are used in these highly concentrated solutions that pierce through the grease and remove it conveniently. They are capable of removing the smallest to the toughest surface stains from your clothes.

Sometimes strong laundry cleaning products like detergents or stain removers may make your clothes rough and worn out. To avoid this, you can choose fabric softeners that provide superior color retention, softness and stain protection for your clothes.

Retailers for Quality Laundry Cleaning Products
Laundry cleaning products are not limited to detergents and stain removers. Many types of conditioning agents, dry-cleaning products, dryer sheets, heavy duty liquids and stain treater wipes for various laundry cleaning applications also fall into this category. Today, these products are widely available with many dealers and retailers

Utilize the right amount of detergent.
Use the right amount of detergent. Not enough detergent is a waste material of water, too much a waste of cleaning agent and clothes if you're unfortunate. Mixing too much soap into the water will damage the fabric and your shirt or shirt will never be the same again. Typically the tag on the material should give you an idea of how much soap you can use. If that doesn't work, you can also label the detergent's product instruction, usually on the packaging. Patience is well rewarded, my friend.

With these few laundry tips, it is possible to remove most of the trauma that comes with laundry day. So chin up, hold forth and show those dirty, dirty clothes who's boss.