Monday, 18 June 2018

Why Dry Cleaning Protects Your Clothes Better Than Wet Cleaning?

Dry cleaning and laundry are the two different processes designed for cleansing your clothes. While wet cleaning is a traditional water-based cleansing process, dry clean method uses no water for cleaning your clothes. Even though this process doesn’t use water, it is a much more comprehensive process. It is as effective, if not more, as the wet cleaning method. Both the cleansing processes solve your purpose but dry clean method is much better for your clothes than conventional laundering, especially if it is a delicate fabric. If you are staying in a region where the climate is very hot and always humid, then dry cleaning can be the best solution to protect your clothes from excessive moisture.

What Is The Process of Dry Cleaning?

Though it may sound modern, but this cleaning process is a very ancient practice. This cleaning method is a popular practice which uses some of the special cleaning agents. It also uses a very unique method for cleaning the clothes without damaging the fabric or anything. Though water is not the main agent in this process for cleansing, it uses some liquid mixture for removing the stains and soil from the clothes. There is a specific machine for this process just like the normal traditional wet cleaning.

But in this case, the machine rotates very gently when it starts. While rotating, a steady stream of solvent is released into the machine to ensure proper cleansing of your clothes. After cleansing process, the dirty solvent gets drained out of the system for constant cleaning of the clothes. Following this solvent method, the next process starts by circulating the clothes rapidly to remove all the solvent. When everything is done, warm air is circulated into the machine to dry the clothes.

Advantages Of Dry Cleaning

Undoubtedly, dry cleaning is the best cleaning process for any clothes with delicate work and fabric. Because this process doesn’t require water and also it is a much gentler process, it comes with several advantages. Here are some of the advantages of this process that makes it better than the wet cleaning:

Soft & Gentle Process

Compared to the wet cleaning process, this dry clean method is much softer and gentler in nature. It is considered to be the best process for protecting your clothes from tears and wears. It gentle rotates the clothes in your drum which is much milder process than the abrasive washing machine process. It also uses limited amount of solvent and water which is very gentle on your garments while cleaning. So, this process is perfect for any clothes that has minute and delicate embellishments or thread works which need extra carefulness while cleaning.

Preserve The Texture Of Clothing

Along with soft and gentle cleansing process, this method of cleaning is also best for preserving and maintaining the new appearance of your clothes. This washing process does not cause shrinking of the delicate fabrics. Also, unlike conventional washing, this method doesn’t clean the clothes abrasively. Hence the fabric doesn’t go through tears and wears. Thus, it preserves the original texture and color of the fabric which is a huge advantage.

Deep Cleansing

Though abrasive methods are not used along with lots of water, dry cleaning can effectively deep cleanse your clothes. This process has the ability to remove tough stains and dirt on your clothes. This cleaning process has a very unique method of dissolving the grease and oil in your garments which is pretty hard to do with conventional wet washing. This cleaning process can restore your clothes removing all the dirt and stains.

Best For Allergic People

The dry clean process uses a solution which can effectively kill the dust mites and other harmful allergens on your clothes. Thus, it can improve the conditions of the people who are the victims of asthma and allergy. Thus, clothes and other articles are protected from the dust mites and germs causing allergies and asthma. It is not possible for the conventional cleaning methods like laundry cleaning.

Perfect For Large Clothing

Gowns and capes are not easy to clean in your house using the conventional method. Of course, it can only damage the soft and delicate fabric, but you will not be able to handle the large items while cleaning. So, the best solution for that is dry cleaning. Expertise can handle such delicate large items with extreme care.

Choose A Professional Dry Cleaner

In the fast-paced world, it is hard for the people to do their laundry every day. Especially, when it comes to cleaning precious and delicate clothes, you cannot afford to be careless and do things in haste. Wet cleaning can totally damage the texture, color and designs of the clothes. Thus, it is best to opt for a professional dry cleaner where you can just drop your clothes and makes sure they are cleaned properly. Choosing a professional service is important as expertise and experience play a vital role in this process. All the clothes need to be handled very gently and carefully to ensure that everything is in right condition. Thus, make sure to do proper research before you finally a hire a dry cleaner for your clothes. Of course, a great professional service can save a lot of time for you and also helps you to keep your clothes clean and perfect.


The process of dry cleaning can help you to protect your clothes from the tears and wears, naturally seen in the conventional wet cleaning. It is now quite clear to you how and why this process is the best option for your clothes. It keeps the fabric and design of your clothes intact by removing all the dusts, dirt and stains effectively from your clothes. Being in a humid climatic region, drying after wet cleaning can be a difficult task. But dry cleaning is a process where the clothes are dried by a simple yet effective mechanism ensuring the fabric and texture remain intact. Thus, if you want to keep your clothes protected from tears and wears, then choose the best professional dry cleaner to get the job done.